Genius Jamtracks Antonios Tsikandilakis

Genius Jam Tracks is an iOS app that helps jazz musicians practice improvisation by offering music accompaniment by a jazz trio (drums, bass and piano). The practicing musician can select among a selection of over 1000 chord charts of jazz standards and configure the app to create music that corresponds to those charts on given complexity levels for harmony and rhythm. The important innovation that GJT brings with its AI capabilities, is the fact that every time the user presses the play button, new music will be created. This is crucial for jazz improvisation training, since, on one hand, jazz musicians need to learn to move freely on ever-changing accompaniments and on the other hand, a large part of jazz improvisation focuses on developing phrases not out of nowhere, but based on spontaneous cues from other musicians – and the AI agents of GJT can provide plenty of that!
A few words about the AI behind GJT Current state: The field of music training, and music education in general, a software application that assists musicians has no margin for errors. The slightest misstep leads to mistrust, which eventually leads musicians to seek new ways to train and learn. Primary focus of the GJT AI is trustworthiness through meticulous and painstaking design and testing. Given the lack of data that would provide the necessary for GJT to do what it does through machine learning, “traditional” rule-based and probabilistic AI procedures were combined with thousands of human-performed and curated music files to provide an outcome that sounds always creative, always follows the complexity levels set by the user, “humanized” (in terms of performance) and never wrong.

Representative: Antonis Tsikandilakis