Justyna Maj-Selwant

Our mission is to strengthen the mental condition of humans by popularizing a creative lifestyle. We focus on promoting the holistic development of the voice available to everyone interested at the levels of the audible voice (singing, speech) and inaudible voice (emotions, body, thoughts, intuition. Every person, regardless of the level of so-called talent, previous experience, age, should have access to high-quality materials supporting voice development, based on scientific foundations.

The MAM GŁOS platform is a living organism that will offer support to speech therapists, phoniatrists and voice rehabilitators, information about choir contains choir goals, assumed singing level of the person joining the auditions, opinions of choir members, choirs, teachers, online courses, workshops and educational materials.

By focusing many topics related to singing in one place, we will cause a qualitative change – a change in thinking about the role of singing to a beneficial function for mental health, lowering cortisol, increasing the level of dopamine and endorphins. Thanks to the change in thinking about the role of singing, singing teachers and choirs will become sought-after specialists, and this will allow for higher earnings and the possibility of implementing projects with a larger scale of impact.


Representative: Justyna Maj-Selwant