The String Player’s Bow Control and Health App

The String Player’s Companion App is a motion-capture and health-data-capture based practice assistant for bowed string players. Similar to various devices and software used in tennis training and coaching, this app will use the existing available hardware to capture motion and health data in order to provide feedback for optimal practicing habits of violin, viola, cello, and double bass players. It will create health advisory messages and practice and use (load) reports, assist with periodization, facilitate necessary health breaks, etc.

This app will be particularly instrumental to teachers as well. It implements the use of technology in the classroom. The app can also assist in circumstances where individual instruction is not the norm. Where individual attention opportunity is lacking, the app can provide individualized feedback. The app will also make use of and incorporate other captured health data such as the heartbeat which can be instructive for the purposes of understanding and addressing string player’s performance anxiety.

Representative: Gal Faganel