Tier Music is a music management and publishing company based in Tallinn, Estonia. Initially founded in 2016 by Thea Zaitsev, Tier Music Publishing got properly up and running in Autumn 2020 when Marian and Sandra joined the team. Since then, TMP has been helping Estonian writers, artists and producers to introduce their music and talent across boarders by means of pushing their tracks to international syncs as well as linking them up with collaborations and features with other musicians and artists.

Being one of the first publishing companies in the market and first to provide music supervision and licensing services, our aim is to become the go to sync agents if people are looking for Estonian music for international syncs. We are also aiming to bring Estonian talent and our music industry to worldwide music map so it becomes a place and country other musicians want to travel to create new albums and singles for themselves and for other artists.

Representative: Thea Zaitsev