VBU Consulting Vasil Buraliev

VBU Music Registry (www.muzichkiregistar.com) is the unofficial registry for Macedonian music releases. (IMDB for Macedonian Music Releases)The vision is to help various representatives from the music industry and the music community find the information they need. Music professionals can find data about music releases, artists, music bands, music-related events, and multimedia content.
Publishers, Artists, and Music Bands have their own profiles and even single-page websites that will be a core location on the web to promote the artist’s work. Scientists can use the digital archive as a source of information for their research. Band Managers and Event Managers use it as one more medium to promote and announce events (gigs, concerts, festivals).Regulatory bodies such as the Ministry of Culture be able to verify the work of the artists and music professionals who earned benefits from the calls organized by the entities from the Public Sector.State Statistical office to use the data for national music production in their analysis and reports. Music lovers find the latest music releases and watch and listen to their favorite artists and bands.


Representative:Vasil Buraliev