HEMI Incubator is the Music Business training programme of The Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation (HEMI) addressed to music entrepreneurs and companies of the 9 HEMI participating countries: Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. It provides a framework for music business professionals and young entrepreneurs that seek opportunities to develop their businesses or create a new project. 

Over the next 3 years, HEMI Incubator will launch several acceleration and incubation cycles annually, with the objective to help music professionals develop sustainable services and products for the music industry by enhancing their business skills, entrepreneurial mindset and competitiveness.

Combining hybrid and scalable training schemes with coaching, mentoring & matchmaking sessions, as well as online and in situ networking activities, HEMI Incubator aims to:

  • Offer tailor-made business consultancy to help music professionals define or adjust their goals. 
  • Create connections between professionals and key players of the music industry.
  • Generate opportunities eventually leading to long-term relationships.

Since it was launched in 2022, HEMI Incubator has launched 3 cycles of acceleration and incubation programmes addressed to music professionals such as:

1. Music entrepreneurs – freelancing creatives, possibly micro business owners that may have an idea which has the potential for quick development into a minimum viable product/service (MVP/S).

2. Music industry and wider Music sector related companies – already registered – with a business plan, the key competence, and the basic capacity to grow it. However, these companies may be in need of extra knowledge and know-how in business development, management (financial, team, operational, etc) and could certainly use new networks and access to markets.

3. Service providers – companies which are not considered part of the music sector (from tech to ticketing services etc), but whose services are relevant for music sector actors. These companies have most likely fully developed organisational capacity to offer their services, but may need consultancy in business development specifically for the music sector, as well as access to new (HEMI) markets.

HEMI Incubator is organised in collaboration with top industry experts and mentors and in partnership with some of the most active and results-oriented music and Tech organisations and associations in Europe: 

Lift 99