Ingrid Kohtla

Head of PR & Communications at Tallinn Music Week and Station Narva

Ingrid Kohtla is the Head of PR & Communications at the Tallinn-based company Shiftworks, whose flagship events include the international talent festival and industry convention Tallinn Music Week, as well as the music and city culture festival Station Narva in the easternmost Estonian town of Narva. Ingrid has worked as a promoter at Tallinn’s oldest alternative music club Von Krahl, as Head of Communications & Marketing at MTV Estonia, and as director of the music video chart show for Estonian Public Broadcaster channel ETV2.

She has lectured at the Estonian Academy of Arts on pop culture and subculture and pens a record review from time to time. Focusing on championing the underdog, and learning from the greats, her ventures include introducing Estonian “outernationalist“ oddballs to the whole wide world, and curating philosophical talks that explore the psycho-geography of great sonic polymaths, or club nights entitled “Brave new sounds of life-hacking, pirate utopias, relentless roar, digital punk, scripture socialism and other post-genre aftershocks a.k.a. CryptoMarket“.