Maca Ogrin

Manca Ogrin is a passionate advocate for Slovenian music, currently serving as a professional
associate at the Slovenian Music Information Centre (SIGIC). Her musical odyssey began in Prague,
where she delved into the nuances of music sales within the dynamic film and advertising industries.
Prior to her current role, Manca showcased her curatorial prowess by co-curating the program of the
Cankarjada music and theatre festival at Zakon club in Vrhnika and the festival Poletje v bazenu.
These experiences laid the foundation for her work at SIGIC, where she spearheaded the project
‘Digital Train for Slovenian Music’. This initiative played a role in advancing the local music scene,
enhancing its accessibility on streaming platforms.
In addition to her contributions at SIGIC, Manca is fervently dedicated to promoting Slovenian music
internationally through Music Slovenia. Her collaborative efforts have played a role in strengthening
connections between Slovenian artists and the global music community. Furthermore, her active
participation in the European project Europe in Sync underscores her unwavering dedication to
fostering international collaborations within the music industry.”