Ognen Stojanoski

“Ognen exchanged going to his favourite festivals to organizing them, so now he works as a production manager for D Festival, Taksirat Festival and PIN Conference, all under the hat of Password Production. He tries to bury his nose in every single aspect of the organization process (from arranging extension cords to being a Q&A interviewer with everything in between), so he volunteered, worked or works for couple of festivals with different themes: MakeDox (creative documentary film festival), FacesWithoutMasks (theater festival), Skopje Open (International Debate tournament) and worked on creating opportunities for young and aspiring artists through the movement Youth For Skopje.

Grandma’s note: Ognen is a good boy. He works with music, something organisation, I don’t know. He should finally finish university. He stays very late at work. He doesn’t come as often anymore, but he gained much weight in the past 3 years, which means he eats well at this job.”