We love radio. And we can’t get enough of it.

We are the people that created Guerrilla. We are the people who live by Guerrilla. For us, Radio Guerrilla is everything. It’s what we are, it’s what we want to be. It’s our way of being. It’s our life. It’s our fight to change the world. It’s also you, it’s all of you, those who feel the same.

During our 16 years of experience, we’ve launched more than 30 marketing and PR campaigns, designed to build and raise culture, consciousness and politeness levels in the country we live in. Consequently, our campaigns were awarded at more than 20 creativity and efficiency festivals and competitions.

The Radio Guerrilla community is everywhere or listeners are. Always with fine humor, sour controversy and subtle irony, with discussions about actual and hot topics, with the desire to change for the better the things that are going wrong. Because The Good Prevails! It must.