Founder of Artist in Bloom workspace, educator, artist coach, and process designer. 

Artist in Bloom (AiB) was founded out of love for creative minds and a deep conviction that creativity is one of the most important elements of life – social and individual. AiB supports career development of individuals, creates innovative educational programs that help to acquire new skills, responding to the challenges of the changing cultural market, and designs research and development processes for cultural institutions.  

The company cooperated, among others, with the European Commission, the Institute of A. Mickiewicz, Music Export Poland, Hungarian Oncoming Tunes, SoundCzech, Music Export Ukraine, MENT Ljubljana Festival, Budapest Showcase Hub, Different Sounds Festival in Lublin, This is How the City Sounds in Cracow, Music Export Conference, Warsaw Music Week, City Culture Institute in Gdańsk and many others. 

In 2019, Artist in Bloom was supported by Keychange, recognizing Magda as one of the “leaders of the future” by the voice of international experts in the music industry. 

Magda’s main expertise regarding career developments of artists and bands is strategy and brand development, storytelling and engaging communication, strategic planning, and time management.