Mandy Salem-Aubry’s distinguished three-decade trajectory in the music industry is rooted in the independent recording and music publishing sectors, demonstrating a flair for navigating cultural intricacies with her comprehensive international experience, pivotal in building steadfast, trust-based relationships on a global scale.

Mandy provides specialised consulting via Mandy Salem-Aubry Music Services and concurrently holds the position of Head of Knowledge and Communication at Paradise Worldwide, a global music rights company renowned for its data-driven approach to music distribution, royalty collection, and artist advancement.

Mandy’s dedication to mentorship and educational pursuits is deeply woven into her professional fabric, as evidenced by her active role with HEMI, the Hub for Music Innovation, and her participation in Berklee Valencia’s graduate mentorship programme. Her contributions include training in music publishing, rights management, and career progression within the music industry, with recent collaborative efforts at institutions like IMB School, Barcelona, and the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague.

Tracing her career back, Mandy has held pivotal positions at Songtrust, Fintage House, and Roadrunner Records. These roles have underscored her versatile expertise and leadership in the evolving landscape of the music business.