Mandy Aubry

​With almost 30 years of experience in the music industry, Mandy Salem-Aubry is a highly experienced professional specialising in music publishing, copyright, and rights management. Her dedication lies in creating a more equitable music landscape, ensuring everyone can access education on rights management to claim rightful royalties. Mentorship is a vital part of her professional life, and she takes pride in serving as a mentor for HEMI Incubator, nurturing music entrepreneurs and professionals across Central and South-eastern Europe. Mandy’s commitment, diverse roles, and extensive experience significantly impact emerging and established talents worldwide. Through her endeavours, she champions education, empowerment, and progress in the global music community.

In January 2023, Mandy founded Mandy Salem-Aubry Music Services. She holds multiple key roles as a freelancer, contributing significantly to the music industry’s advancement. She is the Head of Knowledge and Communication at Paradise Worldwide, a global music company renowned for accelerating the careers of independent artists and labels through their data-driven approach to music distribution, royalty collection, and artist development. Moreover, Mandy actively engages in business development for two other prominent companies. She collaborates with Zanoise Talent, a specialised neighbouring rights administration company, and lends her expertise to Fync, an innovative startup streamlining the sync licensing process worldwide.