RAW Music is an association formed by the people organizing the international conference: Mastering the Music Business (MMB) in Romania. MMB has become the leading music business conference in Romania and one of the most relevant music industry events in Europe. In between the annual conference editions, we are organizing several workshops (about music & instruments, music production, music business etc). RAW Music is also performing as an export office for Romanian artists, facilitating connections of the Balkan region with CEE countries and professionals shows in major European music events such as Nouvelle Prague or BUSH showcases. For its 5th edition in March 2020, MMB’s main objectives are: education (two days of informative panels, keynote interviews, listening sessions and one day exclusively dedicated to workshops), networking (putting local & international music business professionals together, to exchange information, ideas and start new projects), mentorship and increasing artists mobility through the three day Showcase Festival. LINKS