Mastering the Music Business goes online on July 29-31!

The conference makes a surprise comeback in a new format: online and with free attendance. Don’t miss it!

Good news for the music industry and beyond: the fifth edition of Mastering The Music Business, the first and largest event organized in Romania about the music industry, will take place from July 29 to July 31 in a new format. Postponed due to the pandemic and the restrictive measures adopted at the same time, MMB is coming back with an edition exclusively in the online environment, with topics adapted to the context, which will help artists and music business professional overcome this difficult period.

Anca Lupeș, the founder of the MMB conference, said : “During quarantine, music was the weapon of millions of people in the fight with fear, with panic, with monotony, with longing for loved ones. People has sung from the balcony, on the empty streets, in zoom chats, and in this way we got over the isolation more easily. But the artist community and the entire music industry is still far from recovering. Moreover, an uncertain and perhaps even more difficult period follows. That’s why we quickly regrouped and decided to make an emergency MMB edition, to define our new normality. We want to discuss, in the most honest way, about the problems that the industry is facing during this period, from the financial difficulties and limitations given by the pandemic, to the blockages of creativity and the pressure of reinvention. Let’s talk about them, but especially let’s find solutions to get out of this impasse”.

The panels, workshops and case studies within MMB will focus on the most important topics of the moment: how the industry is reorganized – both locally and internationally, how the public will change, what the authorities can do, the role of brands in industry reconstruction, financing solutions, crisis communication and many more.

Among the speakers of the edition, those who will hold presentations and will answer to participants’ questions, will be: Corinne Sadki (FR) – President of the European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE), Edy Chereji – one of the creators of Untold and Neversea festivals, Jake Beaumont Nesbitt – Policy advisor The International Music Managers Forum (IMMF), Emil Ionescu – Managing director of Best Music Live Concerts and, Cristian Stan – Head of Special Events at Sublime Romania and many other artists, promoters, or representatives of record companies.

The conference will take place online, with free access, on the MMB facebook page and on the conference website. The entire program will be announced on

MMB Online is a cultural project funded by the Romanian Ministry of Culture. The 2020 edition is sponsored by Merlin and powered by the Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation (HEMI), co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.