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The Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation (HEMI) is a European initiative aiming to support Artists and Music Professionals from Central and South Eastern Europe (CSEE).


Developed as a Cluster, HEMI partnership includes Public and Private organizations, Associations, Festival and Conference Organizers, Export Offices and a Music Business school.


Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, our vision is to trademark Central and South Eastern European Music Creativity.

HEMI presentation during the Budapest Showcase Hub!

One and a half years and a Music Awards period later, HEMI’s partners Georges Perot (Athens Music Week), Naray Marton (SoundCzech), Peter Baroš (Sigic) visit Budapest’s BUSH Conference to talk
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HEMI at Tallinn Music Week 2021

Our Estonian partners have created yet again a flabbergasting program to introduce us to tomorrow’s music, arts, and ideas all through Tallinn Music Week 2021! Tune in! HEMI presents: From
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MMB 2021 is on the way!

The 6th edition of Mastering The Music Business conference and showcase festival, the biggest international professional event organised in Romania for the music industry, will go on in 2021. In a hybrid format, on
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You can contact us via our email contact@hemimusichub.com or by using the contact form below.