“If The Beatles were to travel into the future to record a new album they would sound likeMOBVIBE”, wrote, one of the official blogs of the Grammy awards.

Rumor has it that MOBVIBE discovered a mysterious time machine with which they travelled back to the 1960s, where they drew inspiration from for their unique style, an entanglement of The Beatles’ retro pop and modern dance music, aptly named “NuSixties”. Their music represents a sonic,visual & ideological translation of nostalgia for the past into the cultural language of the present, incorporating the past into now as if it were one and the same.

Based in Thessaloniki, their track record features 2 singles, 1 4-track EP, many open rehearsals in front of dozens of fans, a candidacy for Eurovision 2022 and many successful concerts and live streams that have made the 4-member band synonymous with lively, multicolored, frantic retrofuturistic parties. Having set a goal for 2023 to flood their home country with vintage rhythms, MOBVIBE have already started organizing concerts until the end year, which will culminate with the release of their 2 new EPs.